I am an early career researcher interested in regimes’ transition and migration with a mixed education background in social sciences and media engineering. I received a PhD degree for thesis on Belarusian Political Nomadism in 2017. In my thesis I explored the situations of inbetweeness experienced by activists, journalists and artists living between Belarus and Lithuania.

During the past 5 years I was also involved in a number of consultancy projects and studies concerning social inclusion, education and culture policy. The clients I’ve worked with include DG EAC, Forum Syd and Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

I am keen participant of urban and artistic interventions focused on access to public spaces. As a part of City Researchers team together with Dionizas Litvaitis we created location based games as a way to talk with people about their memories and associations. In 2016 we organised first Congress on Public Spaces in Vilnius.


• Bareikyte, Migle & Rusinaite, Viktorija. 2018. "Future-Past Infrastructures of Poland and Lithuania". Оbieg Also available in Polish.

• Public talk about the Future of Civil Society C51, Chisinau, Moldova, 29th of September, 2018.

Work experience

• Research Associate, Policy Impact Lab, 2018 Jan-March

• Researcher, PPMI, 2015-2016

• Lecturer & Researcher, Vytautas Magnus University, 2011-2014

• Public Relations Manager, Kaunas Biennial, 2011-2012

• Public Relations Manager, Contemporary Dance Festival AURA, 2009-2011

• Editor in Chief, ore.lt, 2007-2012


• PhD in Political Sciences, Vytautas Magnus university, 2017

• MA in Communication Studies, Vytautas Magnus University, 2009

• BS in Media Technologies, Kaunas University of Technology, 2005

Fellowships & Scholarships

• University of Bologna, School of Political Science, Jan-April 2013

• IWM Summer Course Scholarship, Problems in Modern East European and Soviet History, July 2014

• Central European University Summer Course Scholarship, Internet Freedom Lab, June 2012

• Lithuanian Foundation Scholarship, 2012


• Rusinaite, Viktorija. 2017. Non-territorial Spaces of Belarusian Political Nomadism. Baltic Journal of Law & Politics. Volume 10, Issue 1. Pages 156-182. DOI: 10.1515/bjlp-2017-0006

• Downes, Paul, Nairz-Wirth, Erna and Rusinaitė, Viktorija. 2017. Structural Indicators for Inclusive Systems in and around Schools. NESET II report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. DOI: 10.2766/200506.

• PPMI. 2016. Feasibility study on Creating and Implementing Culture Sector Internationalisation Policies in Lithuania. PPMI.

• Kalpokas, Ignas, Mininger Jay, Daniel and Rusinaitė, Viktorija. 2013. The Human Network Revisited: Responses to Brynnar Swenson’s “The Human Network: Social Media and the Limit of Politics”. Baltic Journal of Law & Politics. Volume 6, Issue 2. Pages 124–148. DOI: 10.2478/bjlp-2013-0014

• Rusinaitė, Viktorija. 2012. Fabrikas „Lituanica" kaip laikina autonominė zona. Interstudia Humanitatis.["Lituanica" Factory as Temporary Autonomous Zone] Nr. 14. p. 119-127

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• Rusinaite, Viktorija. 2011. Įtinklintas protestas, "Twitter" televizorius ir dalyvavimas (žinia)sklaidoje.[Networked Protest, Twitter TV and Participation in (Public) Media] . Dabarties ženklai: straipsnių rinktinė. Miesto IQ. p. 52-55.

• Rusinaitė, Viktorija. 2011. Taking Over The Net: Constructing celebrity leadership discourse in virtual social networks. Media transformations. Nr. 5. p. 124-139

Conferences & Public Talks:

• "Transnational Subjectivities of Belarusian Political Nomads" (click to listen) in Belarusian Studies in the 21st Century' Conference​, University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies​, London, UK, February 25-27, 2017

• ​"Becoming Belarusian Political Nomad" in ​Agency and Transcultural Memory Conference , Vytautas Magnus University, COST- action "In Search for Transcultural Memory" ISTME, ​Kaunas, April 16-18, 2015

• "Spatialisation of Memory: Icon Based Surveying in Šančiai and Karoliniškės" in 1st International Congress in Numanities (ICoN2014​), Kaunas University of Technology, International Semiotics Institute, ​Kaunas, 2-7 June, 2014