Game of Šančiai

Šančiai Demilitarization Game is a storytelling game aimed to explore the unarticulated memories, needs and future visions through local iconography and archetypal imagery.

The game is designed for Šančiai neighbourhood in Kaunas, with approximately 21 thousand residents. The neighbourhood was industrialised and turned to a military zone in the end of XIX century. Significant part of the area consisting of military infrastructure remained closed to the public until 90’s. After 90’s it opened up. Due to the institutional negligence the military heritage, however, heavily deteriorated in the next two decades and became a dangerous dump site. This significantly contributed to the certain emotional atmosphere of abandonment and delinquency in the neighbourhood.

The Game of Šančiai has two itterations:


To build this Questionaire Game we selected places, concepts, personalities and fantasies that have local significance and reworked them into iconography. To ensure their recognition we consulted local historians and organised public workshops with local residents. We lined the icons into relevant narratives and created the Icon Based Questionnaire™. With the help of volunteers we surveyed over 130 local residents. More pictures here.


Drawing from the outcome of the Icon Based Questionnaire™ and series of workshops with local residents, we constructed a collective story telling game. It enables players to extract coherent narratives by engaging in collective imaginary practices striving both from Šančiai iconography and fairytale archetypes. This way seemingly random stories become an inquiry into the collective memories, needs and future visions.

More pictures here.

The game was created in the framework of two projects: “City Re:Searches - Experiences of Publicness” and “Friendly Zone”, which took place in Šančiai during 2012 - 2015.