Rematriation List: Nida Book Club

Rematriation List is the investigative initiative addressing the processes of Lithuanian civic identity. The overall mission of the initiative is reintegrating ostracised, extinct or vanished (by any other means) multi-dimensional narratives into present Lithuanian civic life. In the initial phase the initiative explores spatial narratives promulgated by the London based diaspora book publishing movement Nida Press in 1945-1991.

If you wish to support the initiative financially, or otherwise contribute to finalising the collection make a donation to the bank account here or write to us.

The five books the collection is still missing are:

- 23 Antanas Škėma, 1958, Balta Drobulė
- 107 Vytautas Rimkus, 1984, Lietuvių sukilimas Vilniuje
- 115 Jurgis Gliauda, 1986, Atolas-Koralų sala
- 117 Alė Rūta, 1988, Skeveldros
- 120 Vincas Kazokas, 1989, Ugnis ir žodis: pomirtinis poezijos rinkinys